A professional manufacturer of permalloy components with 40 years of experience. Flexibly customized per inquiry, our core laminations are widely used in transformers and sensors for telecom or automotive equipment and measuring instruments. We are ISO-9001 certified and pride our beliefs in CREDIBILITY, INTEGRITY, INNOVATION and TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE to provide quality products and services to our clients.

Company Profile

Professional Tool Design

  • AutoCAD Drawing
  • CNC Line Cutting Samples
  • 2.5D Coordinate Measuring Instrument
  • Flexible Customization Solution

One-stop Manufacturing Process

  • Metal Slitting Equipment
  • Progressive Die Stamping
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Process
  • Hydrogen/ Nitrogen Vacuum Furnace Treatment

Reliable Quality Management

  • ISO-9001 Certified Operation Flow
  • Quality Permalloy/Mu-metal (PB/PC) Strips from reputational Germany and Japan suppliers
  • Clamp / Stacking Core
  • Sensor Core
  • Ring Core
  • EI Core
  • Shield Case & Meter Case
  • Clock Movement Stator
  • Clock Metal Component
More Info
  •    1975 Established Yi Li Enterprise
  •    1978 Renamed to Cheng Shih Metal Co., Ltd.
  •    1987 Developed and manufactured clock movement permalloy stator
  •    1988 Established Wel Kuan Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
  •    1994 Founded new facility in YiLan Taiwan, scaling up production for permalloy / mu-metal components
  •    1995 Developed and manufactured permalloy EI transformer laminations for telecom devices, using nickel alloy PB/PC (40-80%)
  •    1998 Certified by ISO-9001, our operation flow is qualified under the internatioal standard to assure the highest product quality at all times
  •    2000~Now Renovated the factory multiple times to scale up production capacity
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